We specialize in Audio and Video production and live streaming services for live events and productions including, concerts, sports, seminars, television shows, advertisements and more. At Sonlight Studios we network with a team of well trained professionals with decades of experience in the broadcast and events industries. Everything from script to production can be supplied at request.

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Special promotion for 1hr of televisioin time on Gayelle the Caribbean's Television channel. Gayelle the Caribbean can be seen on various networks in every Caribbean territory except Cuba. Also seen in the sevaral parts of the Americas and the UK. PACKAGE IS FOR 4 WEEKS OF PROGRAMMING AND INCLUDES 60 minutes of air time once per week with at least 1 repeat per weel, plus a minimum of 8 promos daily. Show can be produced live or prerecorded as live for delayed broadcast. Includes up to 3 camera angles, audio and essential lighting. Additional requirements can be discussed and may include additional cost.