De Kampuchea spa meaning 'the place of live naturally' combined with the virtues of a Spa will bring a true experience where your body, health and mind will be taken care of. De Kampuchea spa offers a true spa experience through its holistic approach of achieving the perfect balance of the body, mind and spirit. While integrating the four vital elements: Earth, Wather, Wind, and Fire the treaments and ambiance will bring peace to your soul and body. A complimentary spa experience was provided in exchange for an honest review of the establishment. All reviews are 100% honest with absolutely no sugar coating -- you know I have enough cavities. These experiences help me bring you the best advice and suggestions so you always know where to go. Located near the old market is the De Kampuchea Spa, a small sanctuary I think Siem Reap visitors would love to try after a long day (or three) of visiting the Ankor Wat park.

De Kampuchea Spa
Street 09, Krong Siem Reap, קמבודיה

P: +855 12530408

Slimming massage. 60 min 22 USD Cellulite-mostly on the hips, buttocks, and upper arms-usually results from sluggish circulation and poor elimination of toxins from the body. The therapist will use correct sequences of basic massage strokes to sooth, tone and stimulate the whole area, boosting the blood supply to the tissues and increase the lymphatic drainage. Arrival And Introductions: We arrived at 1pm and were warmly greeted by the manager and seated in a very relaxing reception area. The temperature of the room was comfortable: enough to cool us down from the city heat all around us but not overwhelming cold from excessive air conditioning! After taking our seats on the comfy lounge chairs we were then offered a refreshing green tea, and a cold towel to wipe our hands & face. Both our lovely spa therapists who would be carrying out our treatments came through to introduce themselves. Foot Bath Before Massage: We received foot baths before our massages, which seems to be a part of all massage packages. The bath in itself was very relaxing accented by a warm smell of lemongrass. After the foot bath we were led to the treatment room, which had ambient lighting and soothing background music. We took off our clothing and put our robes on awaiting the treatments. Khmer Traditional Massage: My partner and I have both had many a Thai massage before, but this was our first Khmer massage in Cambodia. I like my massages to be firm, where as my partner prefers a more relaxing touch. The traditional Khmer massage was a perfect combination between the two: firm enough to relieve the tension on the shoulders but also relaxing enough to forget about our hectic lives for 90 minutes. The Khmer massage seemed to be a combination of thai massage (stretching and slight pulling) and focus on pressure points. It was quite effective in relieving knots and tension. The massage is performed without oil and pays special attention to the back and legs.