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维特软胶囊能促进胃肠道黏膜损伤细胞修复,精确替换胃黏膜疤痕细胞组织;使胃溃疡病人胃肠器官和组织原位更生复原;促进胃肠细胞活性,使胃肠焕发新生;能使消化系统各种功能细胞提升有效抑制幽门螺旋杆菌生长。它还能在人体的细胞原位更生新器官组织,激活细胞更生潜能,促进机体细胞新生能力,改善机体免疫功能,改善机体细胞吸收、运作和感觉等功能,改善脏腑衰老细胞,使机体充满活力。1维特胶囊是什么?维特胶囊的功效?维特 维特软胶囊能促进胃肠道黏膜损伤细胞修复,精确替换胃黏膜疤痕细胞组织;使胃溃疡病人胃肠器官和组织原位更生复原;促进胃肠细胞活性,使胃肠焕发新生;能使消化系统各种功能细胞提升有效抑制幽门螺旋杆菌生长。 它还能在人体的细胞原位更生新器官组织,激活细胞更生潜能,促进机体细胞新生能力,改善机体免疫功能,改善机体细胞吸收、运作和感觉等功能,改善脏腑衰老细胞,使机体充满活力。 GI Vital Softgel is a dietary supplement that promotes stomach comfort, support healthy digestion, and promotes intestinal health. Vital Softgel is the solution to all cell issues and is guaranteed to help you. THE PRECISE CELL REGENERATION STARTS FROM GASTROINTESTINAL FIGHTS ALL FORMS OF ULCERS INCLUDING THROAT ULCER. REJUVENATES/ REGENERATES CELLS. ELIMINATES CONSTIPATION. PREVENTS AND FIGHT CANCER. IMPROVES THE DIGESTIVE PROCESS AND LOWERS INFLAMMATION. PROMOTES RAPID WOUND HEALING. HEALS STOMACH/GASTRO DUODENAL ULCERS. HEALS GASTRITIS, ESOPHAITIS. REMITS CANCERS IN THE GI TRACT (e.g. GASTRIC CANCER, COLON CANCER). PREVENTS ATROPHY, CONSTIPATION, NECROSIS, EROSION OR DEGENERATION OF MUCOSA DUE TO AGING AND/OR STRESS. GOOD FOR DIABETICS, PILES, HYPERTENSION ETC. It is very effective for the prevention and relief of gastrointestinal tract disorders such as: – Constipation – Irritation to stomach by alcohol or spicy food and – Atrophy, necrosis, erosion or degeneration of mucosa due to aging and/or stress